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Things You Must know about All Inclusive Hotels Deal

It is all thanks to the all-inclusive hotels that travelling has been much affordable and more enjoyable these days. Since an all inclusive hotel offers bundled packages including meals, drinks, airline tickets and even gratuities in an affordable price, travelling is more like an obsession right now.

An all inclusive packages generally  includes 3 meals daily, drinks(soft drinks and alcohols), arrival fees and all the services in that hotel. Some often cover your sports and other activities in the same price.

All inclusive hotels are also popular for weddings and wedding parties. Just pay under the lump sum and everything on the ceremony will be organized. All you need to do is attain the wedding ceremony.

Features of the all-inclusive hotels

RIU Guanacaste All Inclusive Hotel

As already mentioned earlier the main feature of an all inclusive hotel is the affordability. However affordability is not the only feature, an all inclusive hotel has to offer. Below here are some of the important features of the all inclusive hotels.

  • Since everything will be planned, you can devote all your energy to having the time of your life.
  • The bundled plan saves money by offering bargain rates on everything from hotel to show tickets; there will be no hidden cost or charges.
  • All inclusive packages are the best option for those with a busy schedule or those who are not good at planning things.
  • Some hotels even offer sports and other activities or amenities in the same price.
  • With this package, you don’t need to worry about missing a site to visit to. This is more likely to happen when visiting a totally new place or a country.

How to select the all inclusive hotel which is just perfect for you?

Magic Sunrise All Inclusive Hotel

Now if you are planning to purchase an all inclusive deal then you might have faced with many options. Although an all inclusive package is full of benefits, a wrong choice could ruin your vacation. Below here are some guides to help you find an all inclusive deal which is just perfect for you.

  • What is on your mind? What are you expecting in a package? What do you want to do and see on your trip? First you need to find answer to these questions. Make sure you ask the person who is going with you on the trip these same questions.
  • Next make a list of available all inclusive deals, cut out those which do not meet your expectations or needs.
  • Get details about the deals. Try to look into the entertainment parks, shopping centers, spas and restaurants included in the bundled travel plans.
  • Make a note for each of the deals you searched for. Highlight its key features as well as drawbacks.
  • Give enough time for the search. Internet is a good source for the details. You can also attain a meeting with a travel agent to get more details about the deals.
  • When you are done searching, compare the features on that note and choose the best one among them.
  • Discuss your decision with the person who will be joining you on the trip. Remember everyone needs to be happy with your decision.

Get even more discounts on the all inclusive deals

You know, there are few tricks to get even more discounts on the all inclusive deals. Yes, I will be sharing those tricks here. But remember when it comes to travelling, luxury and fun come first, money later so try not to compromise on them.

  • Purchase a deal during the mid week days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; you will get great deals on plane tickets.
  • Schedule your vacation during the off season; this way you will get heavy discounts on plane tickets and hotels.
  • Purchase the package in group; you will get few discounts or additional features on your package.
  • Last minute deal is another trick to get more discounts on the package. Travel agency deducts the package cost at the end of the peak season.

Where to look for the deals?

all inclusive hotels in puerto vallarta

all inclusive hotels in puerto vallarta

There are three sources from where you can get an all inclusive hotel deals; Internet, Travel Agent and Travel Agency.

Internet is the popular source to get deals on all inclusive hotels. A number of sites offer such deals and you can make a deal online. However there are few scam sites you need to avoid. These may look like an official site but in reality they are fake and have been known to deceive people easily.

Make sure that the site has the “contact us” or “about us” page and the addresses mentioned there are genuine. Give it a call or search the directory of the state just to make sure that the site is real.

You might have to fill in your personal as well as confidential information like credit card number during the purchase so the site needs to be safe and secure.

Travel agents are another source with whom you can make a deal. But remember she/he needs to have a license or similar documents to approve their identity.

The last one is the travel agencies. Most of these agencies have an official site as well from where you can get details on the deals or you can attain a meeting with a staff. They too need to be approved so make sure you check for the certificates or documents.

The Bottom Line

All inclusive hotel deals are the best option available to the travelers but it does not mean that it is the only option nor means that the option is for everyone. So it is up to you to decide whether or not the deal is perfect for you. Make a decision after careful examination and reading the descriptions properly. Enjoy your vacation!!

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