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Tips and Tricks To Find Cheap Air Flights

The ticket prices of air flights can significantly vary from airline to airline. The prices are also affected by when and where you purchase your ticket. Sometimes we can even notice that prices of two seats of the same flight are different, unless they are bought by same person. Let’s find out how you can save money on airline tickets by finding cheap flights.

Steps To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

  1. Search for deals in the Internet: Some airlines offer their tickets through online auction sites. You can register with such sites to get email alerts about the deals they are offering. Some of the popular travel sites are bestfares.com, farecast.com, hotwire.com, expedia.com, cheapflights.com, and travelocity.com, etc. Make sure you check the actual airlines website before making any purchases on a travel site.
  2. Check Out the Online Auction Deals Closely: Make sure if it is possible to change the ticket to yours from their name before buying. It is found with some cheap flights that people are unable to take a trip they have paid for and they can’t even get a refund. So, be sure to check all the auction deals very carefully.
  3. Use Frequent Flier Miles While Possible: It is better to take advantage of miles rather than being boxed into one airline.

Make Comparison of Airlines Rates

Tips on finding cheap flights


  1. Search for the Airlines which is known for providing cheap deals: Airlines offering cheap flight deals will certainly outdo their competitors, however you need to be cautious while buying tickets from them. It is crucial to read the fine print thoroughly. In most of the cases, cheap flights mean lots of conditions on missing the flight and no cargo baggage. Sometimes it is really difficult to travel in cheap flights, so be very cautious.
  2. Learn about the cheapest rate directly from the airlines: The numbers of seats with lowest rate are usually limited and they tend to sell out pretty rapidly. Each airline can have different terms and conditions for rate terms and time frames.
  3. Try to search for the ticket of the lowest class: This means no economy premium class, business class, or first class travel.  If you are looking for the cheapest rate, then you can look out for the economy fifth class travel.
  4. Be flexible on your travel days in order to take benefit of the cheapest air flights: Most of the ticket deals need a Saturday stay. So, you might have to travel mid-week to mid-week if you are traveling for less than a week.
  5. Book the flight in advance: If you are able to find a lowest rate for the flight, then you can book the flight well in advance.
  6. Set a better price before booking the flight: Depending on where you arrive and depart, the rates of ticket may vary greatly. So, consider flying into or out of a different airport.
  7. If you are in US, you can find out about the lowest fare by calling the airline’s 800 number: Remember to be friendly and polite while calling airlines. If you are nice to the service representatives, then they will be willing to help you.

Look Out For Last-Minute Cheap Flights

  1. Check out the official website of airlines: Visit the airline’s website to get complete information about their offerings. When the expected capacity is not met, the airlines usually offer discounts for the remaining seats. Normally, the last-minute discount rates are available before 10 days of flights. However, it is only days before flights are scheduled to depart when the cheapest rates are offered.
  2. Read classified sections of local newspapers: Many airlines give advertisement of available cheap flights on the newspapers.
  3. Ask the local airports if the cheap tickets are available because of the cancellations: In case of future cancellations, ask them to put your name on the stand-by list when no seats are available but the price is cheap.

These are some of the things you need to bear in mind while searching for cheap flights. Apart from these there are certain things you need to remember. Don’t ever forget to read about the incidentals, GSTs/VATs, departure taxes and forget taxes while buying the tickets. Also, be cautious of midnight tick-overs.

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