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Tips to Find Cheap First Class Flight Tickets

Are you tired of flying on economy class? You have always wanted to fly business class or first class, but you never had sufficient amount of money. There are some roundabout ways through which you can get in those spacious cheap first class flight tickets here.. If you are lucky, you will find a luxurious seat on the first class. Let’s take a look at some of the helpful tips to get an upgrade to first class.

Book through a travel agent: Certain numbers of upgrade vouchers are allotted to travel agents by the airlines. This won’t come easy and free but you can try to persuade your travel agent for a first class voucher. Though it is a dangerous method of obtaining a first class ticket, it can be pretty fulfilling and rewarding. These travel agencies will help you to save lots of money by finding you the cheapest seat. They use airline miles for this purpose. However, there are certain risks associated with this procedure.

Book with an airline directly: There is the chance of adding an OSI to your record when your book a ticket directly from the airline. It won’t hurt your chances, if you are an event planner, travel writer, or a travel agent.

Tips to Find Cheap First Class Flight Tickets

Be nice and friendly with the ticket counter agent: In most of the cases, the manager is authorized to upgrade, and the ticket agent is not. However, there are better chances with international airlines. You may need to use miles in order to get an upgrade. But, you can ask the ticket counter agent gently to add a code in your ticket. The code signifies that the passenger is eligible for an upgrade.

Show your ARC or IATA ID if you are a travel agent: You always need to assume that frequent flyer status is very helpful than the travel agent status. In case you posses both of them, then you have the better chance to get an upgrade. You can always give it a try.

If you see a seat is available, then you can ask a flight attendant for an upgrade: Normally, flight attendants are not authorized to offer upgrades to passengers. However, there are some reasons why they will provide you an upgrade. Normally a flight attendant will offer you an upgrade in some of the cases, such as if there is a problem with a fellow passenger, if there is a problem with your seat and in the case of an oversold flight.

Use frequent flyer status or points for upgrade: You can use your frequent flyer miles to get an upgrade if there are seats available for upgrade. It is also important to use the right miles at the right time. The terms and conditions of each airline can vary for upgrades, miles and flyers. You need to figure out which scenario is best for you. It is not worth to get an upgrade for short flights as you would waste expensive miles.

Check in early: If you have some kind of elite status, then this may work for you. When two elite flyers are requesting for upgrade, but there is only one seat available, then it is provided to the person who checks in first.

Be Informed: Throughout the year airlines introduce special offer to attract business and passengers. You can even get a frequent flyer status instantly through such schemes. This means you can have a higher level status than just basic frequent flyer membership. For instance, there are four levels in American Airlines, such as Executive Platinum, Platinum, Gold, and Member.

Buy an upgrade: Some domestic airlines sell upgrades with a view to earn more business. In such cases, you might be able to get the first class upgrade for just $150 instead of $1,200 for a first class flight. Some carriers sell the upgrades for just $100 on the day of departure.

Purchase discounted first class tickets: In some cases first class tickets may not be very expensive, and there are plenty of ways to buy discounted tickets. In comparison to coach tickets, the price of such discount first class tickets may not be cheap, but it is worth to spend little more if you want to travel comfortably.

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