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Title: Travel Options for Students
Post by: eugen on December 06, 2012, 07:23:52 AM
If you are a student and have signed up for an academic program at any institutions, there are lots of fantastic reasons you should be proud of yourself. As a student, unlike other people, you get the versatility whilst traveling. Students have countless travel possibilities available. You can find some sort of journey to match any group of hobbies at cheap price.

As college students have restricted budget, they usually like inexpensive or low-listed holidays. If you have students card of school or college, you may get discounts of trains and buses fair and in some case you might even get discounts on eating and accommodations. There are many travel agencies which offer cheap travel offers to students.

There are many more other advantages as well about being a student when traveling. So, what to wait for? Why not take a break from your studies and enjoy traveling somewhere?
Title: Re: Travel Options for Students
Post by: mstammie on December 07, 2012, 11:43:42 AM
oh, Yeah!! Im a student. Got reasons to be proud while traveling  :P Nice thread, loved reading it.  :)