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6 Travel Help Tips You Will Need While Visiting A Foreign Land

A foreign country shall be as strange to you as you are to it. The places will look alien and beautiful at the same time, the customs and people too shall be different. In short, you can regard the foreign soil as a whole new world, full of interesting new stuffs (artistic wonders, mouthwatering dishes, and what not). However, amid these strangers and in a strange land, here are 6 things you need to keep in your mind, while you stand on their foreign soil. Otherwise, your happy holiday might turn into the worst days of your life!

Tips On How To Travel At A Foreign Land:–   

1. Learn Some Foreign Vocabulary (Like The Word For “Help”)!

“Gracias” – Can you tell what this word means? Well, it’s the Spanish word for “thank you”, and thus would be useful to show your appreciation in a Spanish world (umm…delicious food). Likewise, you should also remember the word “ayudarme” which translates to “help me”. Well, I could give you a few more Spanish words, but you may be travelling to somewhere else (and to be frank, that’s all the Spanish I know).

6 Travel Help Tips You Will Need While Visiting A Foreign Land

What I mean to say is that your guide may take care of all conversations and act as a translator, but it would nevertheless be worthwhile of you to learn a word or two of the foreign place that you are visiting (mastering the local language will be awesome indeed or if you are an iPhone owner, then the Siri can help you out).

2. Travel Light (No Heavy Luggage) &, If Possible, Travel In A Group (Or With A Partner)!

The first rule of travelling is – you should not pack your luggage with unnecessary things! Make it as light as possible (a pair of casual clothes, two pair of socks, a journal, a camera and your passports, ID and credit card). Anything else you might need at your vacation, you could just buy it there.

Another rule of travelling is –never travel alone, especially if you are a woman! Thieves and hoodwinkers are everywhere, and for them a lone traveler is the perfect prey. Hence, if you want security, then always travel in a group, or at least take a partner with you.

3. Do Your Homework On The Country You’re Visiting & Learn The “Not To Do” Things!

Americans visiting North Korea right now, wearing a fancy Google Glass, might give a bad idea to the North Korean troopers (they may think you as a spy, and shoot you). You see, simple gestures can easily lead to your death in a foreign country.

Even hand signals, like our standard thumbs up (a sign of approval) and the handout gesture (that’s enough), have a different meaning in places like the Middle East and Greece.

For your information, flashing a “thumbs up” in the Middle East will have the locals infuriated as they translate this sign as a filthy gesture (you will be saying “I want to jam my thumb in your anus”).

The handout gesture is called “Moutza” in Greece (as well as in Pakistan and Africa), and flashing this sign means “Eat SHIT”!

Likewise, cleaning your plate up in Thailand or China shall not mean “I love the meal” but rather translate to “Do you call this a meal? My tummy is half empty? You are a bad host!”

What’s more, greeting a Saudi Arabian woman in public or shaking hands with her can have you arrested or lashed publicly.

You see, these simple and innocent gestures can spoil your holiday. Hence, it’s recommended for you to research the customs and “don’ts” of a place before you take the flight.

4. Try To Dress Like The Locals & Be Polite (No Cheeky Talks)!

Making fun of the local customs and talking boldly to the waitress (like asking her – “Are you on the menu?”), or doing anything that infuriates the locals (like doing sensual things at a religious place) might as well give you a chance to investigate the prison cells of the foreign countries.

The best way to mingle with the local people is by adapting to their customs. You should dress like the locals, and act like the locals, respect their customs and be polite to them.

5. Keep Your Stuffs Safe But Prepare To Give It Away If Thieves Grab You!

Let’s hope you don’t get mugged in a foreign country, but if that dreadful moment comes, then like an obedient child, you should hand over your wallet and belongings to the nasty thief, rather than taste his knife’s blade or the bullet– in case he has a gun.

Safety Tips (preparation is better than lamentation):–

  • Make copies of your passports, driver’s license and identification stuffs, and do travel with the copies, not the original documents. (You could also scan the VIP documents and have it mailed to your account.)
  • Leave spare credit cards and some cash in your hotel room safely. This way, even if you get mugged on the road, you will have extra dough at immediate access.
  • Take time to commit the phone numbers of your embassy at that foreign country.

6. Travel in daylight, not on nights

10pm to 5am is the sacred hour for the criminals. So, you dare not move a toe out of your hotel room at this “crime time”. This warning is especially to the women, but men too should not liger late in pubs. Otherwise, you might find yourself in tomorrow’s newspaper, inciting a headline on “Tourist raped/, killings, and other criminal acts

Speaking of travelling, it would also be wise of you not to get into a stranger’s car…not even in a taxi or some public transport that looks suspicious. In fact, it’s better to have a private ride; maybe you could hire a bicycle or a car.

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